Enterprise Recon 2.0.27 August release update

Enterprise Recon update

Ground Labs Update


Enterprise Recon 2.0.27 (ER2) has been released, bringing several powerful new features to the software alongside improved performance and bug fixes. In recognition of our valued customers and the constant change in the security compliance landscape, we aim to release quarterly updates and improvements.


In this release, the following features include advanced security for the ER2 web console, advanced match filtering, additional data types support and improvements for several existing data types.


Two-Factor Authentication

A new feature we are excited to release is two-factor authentication. This will allow our users to add an extra layer of security to the ER2 reporting console. Two-factor authentication can be enforced for all users or individually enabled for specific user accounts. This feature ensures that only the correct individuals are granted access to the reporting console, so the sensitive data you have discovered is kept secure to an added degree.


Advanced Match Display Filter


In this release, we have included a new advanced match display filter. This feature provides multiple views of where sensitive data was found across your organization after scans are complete. You can quickly determine if a scanned location has a combination of data types, for example, names and driving license numbers, or names, phone numbers, and addresses.


New Data Types – including GDPR


Nine new data types have been added to the ever-expanding list of sensitive data that can be discovered by ER2. ER2 can now identify data types including Gender, Religion, and Date of Birth across your entire network, contributing towards creating a secure, GDPR-compliant environment.


In addition to these data types, support has been added for the account numbers of four South Korean Banks, Norwegian driver’s license, and Norwegian passport numbers. Improved support for the People’s Republic of China national ID, South Korean RRN and South Korean Foreign Numbers have also been implemented.


For a full list of changes, please see our change log.

Ground Labs are global leaders in security compliance and are trusted by hundreds of QSA’s globally to help find and secure sensitive data across their customer’s networks.

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